Surreal-The Hell in the Family

Welcome to the final installment in this go-round by Cindy Hanson. If you haven’t had a chance to read her other powerful, inspiring stories on the blog, you’re missing out on a great chance to learn about some amazing people. Cindy, I can’t thank you enough for sharing these stories with my readers. You’re an amazing writer and friend.

After too many similar deaths in this family tree, the main character points to the possible source of the root rot! Is it sins of our father, literally, figuratively, or both ruining future generations or is there something else chopping down that tree? This story attempts to illuminate how sins of the father really pass through generations. It illustrates why we feel ill-fated by actions not our doing. Uncover the whole truth about two murders while witnessing real love in action.

The story may, also, make you wonder the following things. Do people really go through “life reviews” before passing to the spirit world? Does this happen in isolation before their disappearance? Or-do past, significant people and important events reappear with clarity as one’s life ends?

By the way, both murders start with a love story but it’s pretty warped emotions and possibly better termed as obsession. 

The PR text often tempts the reader into both murderous tales with the following statements and questions. 

It’s a love story, right?

Then, what drove Annette to kill the person she loved?

Read ‘Her Story’ to uncover some truth! 

And, did Darin really murder someone?

What really happened to his loving wife and daughter? Did he wind up killing the only soul her ever truly loved?

Dig into his version of ‘His Story.’   

By the way, as you read this book, can you detect how much of this saga is truth and how much remains the family’s fiction and legends? 

Can you answer the follow questions?

Is Helen part of the walking dead?

Will any of them ever find peace?

Read Surreal-the Hell in the Family to unearth some of the truth! By the end, you may be able to decide what is real and what is real surreal!

Check out this excerpt from the book:

The hotter the sun; the lazier my thoughts! This interaction allowed me to float like the driftwood arriving at the shoreline. The hovering feeling brought peace or possibly boredom. Either emotion draped my vulnerability as I drifted away from the thoughts that consumed me in my near past. As the heat stepped up, I pulled my wide brim hat tighter on my head, which caused two things. The crossing ocean breezes could not lift it high and blow it away. Also, the sun deflected from my face.

My solitude abruptly halted when a nearby vacationer spoke directly to me. “I jump every time a car backfires. My body jolts while my soul attempts to awaken my physical being from this fog called my life.” Her eyes sparkled as her generous spirit covered the mystery of her statements.

“Jerking from sudden sounds is a fairly common reaction,” I responded to this stranger being able to immediately relate. As I sized her up with my eyes, her face oscillated from very young through the eyes to very elderly overall.

“Oh, but is it natural to react even if the sound travels from far away faintly resounding on the wind?”

“No, people usually only react to their surrounding environment,” I added.

Nearby, just behind some strategically placed palms and shrubs, hid a parking area.  However, in our immediate vicinity, gentle surf lapped at the shoreline. Kids’ enjoyment arrived with the strengthening breeze alternating at various levels. Squeals of laughter drifted to chuckles moving to hearty outbursts and then muffled pleasurable sounds.  Meanwhile, in the inlet some people splashed like shark bait while others made Olympic strides. Almost everyone enjoyed the calm of this sunny day. Not one gray cloud lingered from yesterday’s downpour. Just about everyone played joyfully taking advantage of the sunshine. 

Every age group of sunbathers frolicked or rested in the white, sugar sand as I alternated between sinking my toes deep into its warmth then shaking the grains back to the Earth.  Some of these near nudists were a sight to see in every sense of that thought. It appeared that too many of them forgot to peek at their attire in a mirror before arriving, here. Maybe, they were just too eager to enjoy this day. There was no time to focus on these sights at this beach resort, thank God. While surveying others around me, she engaged my curiosity stealing my complete attention.

“It haunts me. Not all sounds tease me into an examination of myself. Only the sound of a backfiring car brings about revelations that are better left behind,” this woman opened her soul.

For a moment, I stared at the ocean waves with their highlighted peaks and small strings of foam that only appeared as they lapped the shoreline. My thoughts rolled in and out while trying to understand the meaning to her words. Talking casually to strangers rarely occurred in my life but her magnetism provoked further discussion.

Looking back over my right hand shoulder, I noticed she stood. Folding her lawn chair and tucking it under her left arm, she ended our brief meeting, “Will you be vacationing here long?”

Staring blankly past her, I revealed, “Not sure!”

“Then, I will see you, again? Tomorrow? Maybe, at the pool,” this elderly lady with shimmering eyes casually invited me to another rendezvous. The sun touched her right side casting a halo effect as I squinted to watch her exit.

“You never know,” my mouth seemed controlled by her whims rather than mine.

My eyes passed over each wave searching for a clue to as why my soul felt compelled to know this stranger better. Suddenly, a chill sped up my spine because a car backfired.  Looking back, the lady seemed to vanish behind the auto’s fender. When the vintage ’57 Chevy cleared from view, my mystery woman no longer strolled nearby. Possibly, the noise made her bolt from my line of vision. Maybe, she rapidly escaped its sound. I decided to go with my logic rather than instinct; she simply walked out of view.

This break at a beach resort seemed just what the doctor ordered. Thus, I spent the rest of the day enjoying my solitude. My cell phone and hectic pace converted to a memory vanishing into a sea of tranquility. For a period of time, my eyes played with the reflections of the sun through the gathering clouds that floated at the water’s surface far out to sea.  Remembering things from my childhood, I looked for shapes in the puffs of white, off white and blue. I found a Mustang, Ram, Jaguar and Beetle in the cotton against this pale blue heaven. It dawned on me that every cloud reminded me of some car I drove or desired to own. Why this sudden obsession with cars? 

Surreal-the Hell in the Family is for sale as a paperback book and e-book and  available at Amazon and Kindle as well as Smashwords and its affiliates KOBO, Sony, Barnes and Noble, etc.

Cruise2012 001About Cindy Hanson

I work for GOD! Is she crazy or telling the truth? What I mean to say is that I write many nonfiction books that are really just scribing the history of His stories. My tales are Christian-based; at least one of those books points directly to heaven. Most of the time, I explain how bad situations and good ones have the potential to bring hope and love along with stronger faith.

My writing started after a major life change or trauma. In fact, my favorite question during book interviews is: How did you get started writing? The short answer is that in 1991 my mother died. Some people dream of being authors; my writing began as what could be described as a nightmare! However, as she died, mom experienced what would be called a Christian near death experience (NDE) or miracle. My nonfiction witness became Mom’s on the Roof, and I Can’t Get Her Down by Cynthia Meyers-Hanson.

Since then, I diversified into the other books and genres; I continue to toy with writing. I’ve co-authored or compiled several other divine tales. Meanwhile, I have ghostwritten many novels under the pen name Sydney S. Song. I use a pseudonym so that people know when my books are telling the truth and when I am fibbing (a bit). Recently, I’ve produced many picture books for children. I also compile collections and anthologies filled with true short stories from the Divine to mundane including humorous tales.

In real life, I’m a friendly Floridian, born and raised in Miami’s megalopolis. I currently live a bit further north with my husband. We are semi-retired. Our children are out of the house; some are married with their own children. We love outdoor activities such as boating and swimming at the pool, springs or beach.

My author site on Amazon includes my paperbacks and Kindles.

My other author site includes sections for my book genres as well as a blog and video section (the videos are mini movies as book trailers). This site also has my contact information.

Smashwords includes all other e-book providers and formats used for my books including Barnes and Noble, Sony, Kobo, etc.

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