Roundtable Roundup

I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank everyone who has participated in my Author’s Roundtable discussion series. It’s truly been an eye-opening and rewarding experience to get to know a little bit about the indie authors who’ve sat down with me and discussed their writing journeys, the writing process and to hear how they’ve handled adversity in the publishing world. I truly want to thank each and every one who’s really opened my eyes and given me hope that there’s room for me in the writing world. I’ve really struggled with whether I should share my life story, but it seems like everyone really wants and needs to hear my story. Thank you for showing me I need to bare my heart and soul to the world. I just hope my story inspires and gives people hope for a better tomorrow.

And now, without further delay, here’s a roundup of the amazing author’s who’ve graciously pulled up a chair on the front porch and chewed the fat the past few months. I just hope you’ve enjoyed the visit. I know I have. (Sorry if the porch was a little dirty; I’ve really been slacking in the dusting department.)


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