This Blog is Under Review

After further review, I’ve decided to keep blogging, sharing my story and hopefully inspire others to life their lives to the fullest with no regrets. I truly hope this blog inspires you like it has inspired Jenn Brink, a wonderful friend I met on Twitter a couple weeks ago. She was gracious enough to review the blog and give her feedback about different pages and aspects of what I’m doing right, wrong or changes I need to make. Thanks for the constructive criticism Jenn. I really am glad you love the blog and weren’t afraid to tell me what I need to change ūüôā
Jason’s blog is great!¬†He posts about his struggles with Spina Bifida in an uplifting and positive way.¬†He also interviews indie authors living their lives in this crazy world we share. I love that it is about him, Spina Bifida and others that he has met on his journey.¬†Jason is a positive and real inspiration for us all.¬†Check it out!¬†
I loved your blog, and I’m not a big blog reader.¬†The reason, I get bored because it’s like reading only books by one author, no other POV, no other subject, me, me, me…. That’s what I love about your blog.¬†It’s different and ultimately more interesting to people like me.¬†
IMG_2500 2 (2)On a different note: Take or leave as constructive criticism.
Use the pic on your blog to represent you.¬†The one on the porch.¬†It’s great!¬†The outdoors is such a relaxing background and not too busy.¬†It also creates endorphins making people associate your image with relaxing and being happy.¬†
Your heading:¬†“A look at my life with spina bifida and daily musings I have”
1.  Capitalize Spina Bifida. It is a recognized name, like Jason. 
2.¬† The sentence is grammatically incorrect¬†and does not make sense or a good statement for someone writing a blog.¬†Rewrite it with a better catchphrase, a “hook.”¬† Something more active and exciting that embraces all that you do with your blog or your goal.¬†
3.  Too many author interviews one after another, with the same questions is monotonous. Cushion every interview with something you wrote about whatever. It could be your own review of an author or a book if you want to promote indie authors or one of your musings. Also, interview some male writers and use different questions. Mix it up.   
Check out Jenn’s blog, buy her books on Goodreads, find out what she’s interested in on Pinterest, become a friend or a fan on Facebook, follow her on Twitter and connect with her on Google Plus.
As long as you’re still here, grab¬†a Coke and check out what other people are saying about the blog.

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