Honesty is the Best Policy: A Blog Review

Sometimes it’s nice to find out what people really think about my blog. I’d like to thank Marcia Carrington and everyone else who’s taken a few minutes to give me their honest feedback about my blog. It’s very much appreciated and you’ve given me some great ideas for changes and ideas for posts later this year. Keep the comments coming. You never know how much your ideas and tips mean to me.

Q: What are three things you like about the blog and why?
A: The honesty of your approach, and your content, are the two main things which stand out most about your blog. I also very much like your Author Roundtable interviews, which is a great feature of your blog, as it affords writers the opportunity to expound about their books, and express other thoughts on writing. Your “Everyday Beauty” section is also great, as I like photography, and it was very pleasing for me to witness the flora, fauna, and environments which you have captured on camera.

Q: What are three things you don’t like about the blog and why?

A: There is nothing I dislike about your blog.
???????????????????????Q: What are five things you would like me to improve and why?

A: It would be great if you increased the number of places to share your posts, such as including Pinterest, Tumblr and other websites, as I believe your content would reach even more appreciative readers.

Q: What five things would you like me to discuss on the blog? My disability, what I do…

A: Maybe you could include more about your favorite books and which books you would recommend to readers.
Q: If you were just passing by the blog, what made you stop and read some of the posts?

A: When I first visited your blog, the “What You’re Saying” page captured my interest on first impression, as it was very enjoyable, then I proceeded to read your other pages, which are equally as good.
LOOKING BACK coverQ: Would you recommend the blog to your friends and family? Why?

A: Yes, I would recommend your blog, as the topics you cover are not only of interest to writers and readers but also to the wider community. It is also good as it increases awareness of people with disabilities, and that they are caring, vital, and valuable members of the community.
Check out Marcia’s blog, Smashword’s author page and her books on Amazon

Thank you very much for this opportunity Jason, and keep up the wonderful work on your blog.


4 thoughts on “Honesty is the Best Policy: A Blog Review

  1. Hi Jason, only meet you a couple of days ago, but your blog is already bookmarked in my star “Must visit Daily” bookmarks … Always something new and interesting to peruse on your site x
    Julia x

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