Variety or Confusion

Usually when I write a guest post, it’s to inform readers about some aspect of writing or reading. But today I’m actually going to ask you, the reader, a question that’s been on my mind: Do mult-genre authors give readers variety or confusion?

Why am I asking? I started out my writing career a couple of years ago (Where did the time go!) writing strictly contemporary romance. I love the genre. I love the characters and the present day situations and settings. But it’s not the only genre I like to read or write. Recently I wrote my first paranormal romance. It’s still romance so part of it is familiar, but with a paranormal world build in too. Then last week my “prepper romance” was released. It takes place in our contemporary time, but at a moment when a world-changing catastrophic event takes place. It’s still romance, but now there’s adventure, dangerous situations and peril involved, too.

So, did I just confuse all of my readers by writing a couple of books that are not strictly contemporary anymore? Or did I give them variety so that every book they read from me feels new, interesting and different? Did I find a way to capture new readers who maybe wouldn’t have found me by my contemporary romances because they prefer paranormal?

Personally, I love being able to write what I want, when I want. And I’d like to do it all under the same name, since using a new pen name or two creates a whole lot more work for the author: maintaining websites, Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts and doing tours for each. Of course, I think if the genres you write are too different—like say erotica and young adult—then the author definitely needs to write under more than one name. You can’t accidentally have youths finding your other smexy books! Yikes!!

But that’s not the case with me, so I’m curious if I’ve made the write decision by writing all of my books under the same name or not.

Readers, have I confused you now that I write romance in contemporary, paranormal and adventure sub-genres? Do you have favorite authors who write in different sub-genres? Do you like having a little variety from the authors you enjoy? Or do you think authors should stick to what they started writing and if they write a new kind of book, then they should do it under a new name?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Happy reading!

Heather Thurmeier

Escape to My Arms blurb

Sara’s been preparing for this moment her whole life—she just never believed it would actually happen. With her bug-out bag and emergency food already in her truck, her only goal is to get to her family’s hidden bunker and wait out the pandemic that’s hit every major cruise ship port in the US. But her plan quickly falls apart. She’s out of gas, her route to the bunker is now a two-lane parking lot with no alternative in sight, and her only weapon is a pocketknife. For an experienced prepper, she’s made every rookie mistake.

Dane believes he’s safe in his cabin, off the beaten path and in the woods with his own source for water, electricity and an endless supply of food to hunt. After finding Sara stranded and alone, he’’ suddenly not only providing for and protecting himself, but also the girl who wandered out of the woods and into his life. When looters come looking to take what he has, Sara and Dane’s only option is to make a run for their last hope—the bunker.

Can Sara and Dane find safety in each other’s arms and will they survive long enough to escape to a future together?

Escape to My Arms excerpt

Sara sipped her wine and nibbled on another square of chocolate. He was right. Again.

Escape-to-my-Arms300x450-1They didn’t know what would happen in the future. Hell, they didn’t even know if there was a future to look forward to at this point. So why shouldn’t they enjoy the moments like this one while they could? Moments when they were safe, warm, fed and comfortable. They might not get many more nights like this if things kept getting worse, as they seemed to be. Best to savor the time while you had it instead of squandering it away with fights.

At this point, she didn’t even know what future awaited her at the bunker. Would she live with her family for the rest of their lives, never to interact with people from the outside world again? That’s sort of what they wanted, wasn’t it? Wasn’t that why they hadn’t told anyone about the bunker, because they couldn’t trust anyone?

What if this was her last night on her own? It might be her last night to live her life however she wanted to before she had to start making group decisions with her family.

“You’re right.” She polished off the last of her wine in a big gulp. Her head already swirled with the effects of the alcohol. She’d always been a lightweight when it came to getting drunk. Tonight would be no different. Good thing she’d planned to stop at one this evening. She had other plans for the rest of the night.

“Right about what exactly? I said a bunch of stuff.”

She put her wineglass on the floor and took his hand in hers. “You were right about enjoying this moment we have tonight since we don’t know what the future holds, or even if we have a future.”

“Does this mean I’m forgiven?” He smiled, squeezing her hand.

“Yes. And then some.”

Sara took the wineglass from his hand and set it down next to hers, then straddled his lap, resting her hands on his chest. She pressed her mouth to his, delighting in the surprise on his face.

She wasn’t a throw-caution-to-the-wind kind of girl, but for once she was going to do just that, since she didn’t know if she’d have wind to be cautious of later on. Tonight, she’d live by her feelings. Tomorrow she’d go back to surviving.

Check out Escape To My Arms at Amazon, on Nook and at Decadent Publishing

Heather708twitterAbout Heather Thurmeier

Heather Thurmeier is a lover of strawberry margaritas, a hater of spiders and a reality TV junkie. She was born and raised in the Canadian prairies, but now lives in New York with her husband and kids where she’s become some kind of odd Canuck-Yankee hybrid. When she’s not busy taking care of the kids and pets, Heather’s writing her next romance, which will probably be filled with sassy heroines, sexy heroes that make your heart pound, laugh out loud moments and always a happily ever after. You can find out more about Heather and her books by checking out her website, becoming a fan on Facebook and following her on Twitter.

Thanks so much for having me to your website again! And for all the RTs on Twitter, too.

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