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I am inspired by Jason’s blog, as it filled with heart-warming, real-life stories from people throughout the world who have overcome amazing struggles and are now living a life full of positivity and great relationships. The upbeat and touching blogs from others who are still enjoying their life and are encouraging others despite their health conditions are the ones that motivate me the most. These are some amazing people. This blog is a place of warmth and inspiration that comes from the heart. The owner of the blog, Jason, is very welcoming to others and has a beautiful soul that hugs you regardless of how close or how far you are.

I would recommend this blog to anyone that wants to open their heart more and to be empowered to find hope and more love for life.

Joanne Cipressi
Empowerment Coach and Speaker

Wow. And more than wow. I’m amazed at how much of Jason, of his spirit, flows through these pages. His blog is that unique blend of personal and professional that leaves me feeling calmer, happier, more uplifted, after visiting. Jason is generous with his blog space and topics, and his guests honor that generosity by sharing posts that are sometimes painfully honest. The “Be My Guest” page is especially humbling, which is just what I need on occasion.

The posts Jason writes are both informative and moving – the posts on September 11 and Research Findings on Marriage are two recent examples. He captures beautiful images with his words and photos, and I love seeing so many posts with photographs. They add the color and flavor of life to every page!

Jason’s blog is a place I visit often, for the sheer inspiration he provides. Visit with me, and let his grace and strength empower you, too.

By Gae-Lynn Woods

Jason Bourne’s blog is an uplifting, insightful and inspiring look into life as a physically challenged person with a huge heart! Jason always gives us an insight into his personal struggles, sometimes with a story or a vent, but usually always making a point that I remember the next time I go out. His author round table is always an interesting place to go, though I wish it was easier to find on the blog because it is usually filled with fun authors who have great books to share with the world!

Legato_28June2012_BRFMHJason has a section called “Everyday Beauty,” and he fills it with pictures that he takes all over in everyday situations. This is one of my favorite parts of the blog, and I look forward to the day he makes a gallery of his pictures for our enjoyment. I always enjoy stopping over at jbournesblog.wordpress.com if I’m feeling down or need inspiration. Jason’s positive attitude shines through in everything he does, and I highly recommend this blog as a must read!

Katie Mettner


Anita and Tony 4-07 002It was a pleasure to work with Jason Bourne on his blog, “Jason’s Spina Bifida Journey.” He interviews authors and others with disabilities and praises the gifts in others, but he truly is a gift to us all. He manages to keep his sense of humor and reaches out to others, while he endures his own struggles with his disease. It’s rare to find someone who cares as much for others as he does, with a heart that reaches near and far. He also raises awareness for other causes, and provides resources with links for those who need assistance or information. He is proactive in his zeal to provide hope and good words of encouragement that are of benefit to others. We should all adapt his attitude of counting our blessings! It has been an honor to work with him and consider him a friend. Hope you have that opportunity too! Thanks, Jason!

My best to you!
Anita Melillo

5 thoughts on “What You’re Saying

    • I cannot believe how far I’ve come Charity… it’s amazing how much I’ve discovered about myself by starting the blog… I’ve overcome so many emotions and it feels great to look back at some of my more personal posts… I am very proud to be your friend too. Love you!!!

  1. The blog about 30 things to stop doing, was a true eye opener!
    I do every single one of those things, and didn’t realize it. I think our culture has become a bunch of whiners. We need to have a more positive attitude and better things will happen. You are right. For example, I have a friend who is very negative, and I find she brings me down everyday. Why do I keep her as a friend? Makes no sense, I need to weed the negative people out of my life.

  2. You inspire me Jason ,
    You remind of just how incredible the human spirit is . You don’t take anything for granted and live life to the fullest . Life is like a Aerosmith song to me ” I don’t wanna miss a thing” . Be Well

  3. I can hear the sadness in your thoughts about your Grandpa’s death but please don’t let that sadness have you doubt God’s love. The Bible says that for us there are seasons – a time to live and a time to die. Death is not the end but another season. When we die in Christ, we live forever.This was the promise and God’s gift to us. Satan has nothing to do with this situation. God has called us by name and we are his. He has a plan for your life and for mine. Do not fret that you are having trouble praying; instead let God speak to you. Listen and you will hear. My little pal, Skeeter and I, express our sympathy for your loss. Your loss is heaven’s gain.

    God bless you,
    Skeeter’s Nana

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