Ladies Man

Last night I went to a concert put on by Marietta’s Parks and Recreation Department and had a really good time. While I was mingling on the dance floor, a woman came up to me and asked if I could dance in the chair… next thing I know I was dancing with about five or six ladies the rest of the night. Ah, just one of the advantages of my job. I love meeting new people, and I have to say this job has really helped my self esteem.

Before the concert started I was talking to a woman who happens to be a huge Gone With the Wind fan, and I mentioned that we recently had a three-day weekend dedicated to GWTW. She was surprised she didn’t know about it, so I gave her my card and mentioned a daylong tribute to Ann Rutherford coming up July 3 on Turner Classic Movies. It’s really amazing how much people ask me about the city and what’s happening around town. I can honestly say this job is the best thing that’s happened to me, and I wouldn’t work anywhere else.

Oh yeah, back to the concert. As the night went on, I think word leaked out that I had my camera with me because a couple people asked me if I wanted them to take a picture of me, and a few of the ladies actually came over wanting their picture with me. I love my life, and it’s like I’m not even in the chair. People really see me for what’s inside and treat me like anybody else, and that’s what I really want in life. To be accepted for me and not looked at as somebody different just because I have spina bifida and am in a wheelchair.

Big Bird!

Here’s one I was lucky to catch a minute ago, but it’s a little far away. I was sitting in the living room, and we have a big picture window looking out to our front yard. I was sitting there, not really looking at anything in particular, and saw this BIG bird fly onto a branch about 50-75 feet from the house. I’m not sure but I think it’s a hawk. He raised his head after I took the picture, but I had the binoculars and wasn’t ready with my trigger finger!!! 😉

Right Place, Right Time

A couple weeks ago I got a comment from a reader who loves the fact that most of my pictures seem to be spontaneous. I hadn’t really thought about that, but in a big way she’s right. I just look for the perfect shot and sometimes they present themselves when I LEAST expect them. I’ve truly been amazed how great some of my pictures have turned out, especially this one I took yesterday at a lunchtime concert on the Square a couple blocks from my office. I was walking around taking pictures of the singer and the crowd when something told me to look across the Square. I saw this beautiful, blonde goddess working on her tan and grabbed the camera. The rest, as they say, is history.

If you like this one, stay tuned tomorrow. I got another one, that’s even better 😉

DIY Photography

Sometimes when I’m out taking pictures and I want to get my picture taken, or someone asks me if they can take a picture with me, I have to take the picture myself, which doesn’t always work. I end up cutting our heads off or they turn out really blurry…

I met a woman yesterday while we were listening to a local band, one of about six located around the festival we were at. She asked me if I could dance in the chair and the next thing I know, my calendar was booked the rest of the afternoon practically 😉 Life is GOOD!!

I took this picture MYSELF and am amazed how great it turned out. I didn’t even have to take two 😉 Hope you like it!!!

Team Bring It!

Wednesday night, my sister and I went to UGA Day in Rome, one of several chances every year for fans to come listen to the University of Georgia’s head football coach Mark Richt and head basketball coach Mark Fox discuss their expectations for the upcoming season. I’ve been to UGA Day the past three years, this year and 2010 and 2011 in Marietta at the Cobb Galleria, and this was one of the best yet.

I’m going to do a longer post about the entire UGA Day experience later this summer after I go to UGA Day in Marietta, but wanted to mention something that let me know the Dawgs are for real this year, despite what the media says.

While Coach Richt, or as he’s known in Dawg Country “CMR,” was talking, he mentioned that the Missouri Tigers are one of the newest members of the SEC, and Georgia’s conference opener is against Mizzou at their place on Sept. 8. CMR seemed to be really pumped about this year’s squad, despite the suspensions and players leaving to pursue more playing time, and he said something like, “When we play Missouri, all I know is we’re gonna bring it and try to welcome the Tigers to the SEC.”

Welcome to the SEC boys!!!

By the way, while I was mingling, taking pictures before the festivities kicked off, one thing I noticed is the SEC has BY FAR the most beautiful women in the country. Don’t believe me, maybe this picture will change your mind 😉

Fresh Face

As most of you who’ve followed the blog since the beginning know, I’m an avid photographer and am almost always behind the camera. Very rarely am I the subject of a photograph, but this past week at a retirement party for a co-worker, somebody grabbed my camera and said something like, “Here let me take a picture of you. You’re always taking the pictures!!”

I must say that I take awful pictures because I hate being the center of attention, but this one came out pretty good I think. I hope you like it 🙂